I'd like to be able to forward specific emails (identified via a Filter) to my TripIt account for points tracking. It seems as if the only way to auto-forward in Gmail is if you own the email address you want to forward to, and can provide verification.

Is there another way to do this?


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IFTTT.com might serve as a useful proxy. If you allow the service to access your gmail, it will effectively create a new email for you and send it to [email protected] when it receives an incoming email from a specified server.

Luckily, it seems AA, United, Southwest and others have fairly non-generic emails for their monthly statements which should help (and separate spam emails with point bonuses which can confuse the point tracker).



Set up a secondary gmail address.

Add that address to Tripit's scan feature.

Make a filter in your primary email to forward travel-related emails to the secondary account that is scanned by Tripit.

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