I am about to complete a course, for which 35+ files were uploaded to Piazza

Is there a way to download all the lecture notes and general resources, or do I need to manually download each of them?


I found a solution that is based on a Bash script.

If you use Link Klipper (Chrome extension) you can create a txt file with all the links containing get_resource.

Then you can run this script:

for path in $(cat piazza.txt)
    filename=$(curl -I $path | grep Location | awk '{ print $2 }' | cut -d'?' -f1 | cut -d'/' -f7)
    curl -L $path > $filename


Just rename the text file to piazza.txt or change it in the script.


If your login uses MFA then it's a little more complicated. You can do it pretty easily with with Chrome like this.

  • Login to site with Chrome
  • Open Developer Tools and go the the Network Tab
  • Go to the page listing your files
  • Right click on the Name of the top level page you just opened
  • Select "Copy as CuRL"
  • Use this as a template for the "curl" command that @Snæbjörn Valur Lilliendahl gave

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