I just wanted to find the cheapest mattress on amazon.de. To do so, I chose the category matress and adjusted the filter to 90x200 (the size). Then I got this:

Search result

pages after pages with the same product, just minor variations, from a seller called "MetaTex".

Is there any way I can block a seller to get relevant search results?


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Try including -metatex in your search terms.

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    Amazon's search algorithm doesn't work like that sadly. I was searching for laptops and this sleazy seller marked their product as having every processor type and as every type of laptop (even though it was a laptop accessory). I tried to remove them by typing -L1B, -"L1B" and even -"LB1 High Performance". Didn't filter them out of my results WITHOUT filtering my search for a laptop out of my results (showing me crayons, for example).
    – user87642
    Commented Feb 14, 2015 at 9:18

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