How can I export/download all my Amazon orders?

Preferably as CSV file, but any common format is fine.

It would be great if it includes:

  • order date
  • product name
  • product URL
  • product price

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Amazon > Your Account > Download Order Reports

  • Ah, interesting. Thank you! -- Unfortunately, this option seems to be only available at amazon.com (or, at least not at amazon.de). So, I’m still looking for a solution for those Amazon sites that don’t have this option. But your answer is a nice solution for amazon.com.
    – unor
    Sep 24, 2014 at 7:20

This is now working for amazon.de too. You just need to create a business account. Then go to Business Konto -> Beschaffungsanalysen (sorry for German, but he asked especially for amazon.de). There you can select required columns and export it to CSV.

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