I'm using Google Apps Standard.

I created an alias (alias@example.com) for my account (user@example.com). When people email me at alias@example.com, it correctly arrives at my user@example.com email address.

How can I send mail using this alias address? That is, the alias@example.com address should appear as the sender to whomever I email, and my real address (user@example.com) should never be revealed to them.


Apparently, you must add it as a Send As email on the account where the alias is defined. This must be done even if you are going to use a separate account to email from this address. This is exactly the same behavior as sending from a plus address.

For the authentication, you should use:

  • Email: Your alias (e.g. alias@example.com)
  • Username: Your email address (e.g. user@example.com). Note: this is different from using a plus address in that you cannot use the alias as the username, you must use the real email address.
  • Password: Your email address' password

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