I'm new using Twitter. I tried to follow someone (who is legit) and next thing I know I get a message that my account has been suspended. It says I have been using it for spam or that someone might have hacked into it.

How can that be? I don't even know how to use Twitter, connect it to my Facebook etc. Even though I've had an account, I never really used it. The only thing I did was to change my password as I couldn't remember it. I'd like to talk to a support person but it seems that it's not even possible.

If I could email tech support, will I even hear back from them?

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There's nothing that we can do to help you. You're going to need to get in touch with Twitter support.

From the Twitter Help Center:

How to tell if your account is suspended:
If you suspect your account is suspended, log in to Twitter.com. You should see a prompt informing you that your account is currently suspended.

How to expedite the appeal process:
To expedite the appeal process, please check to make sure your account is currently suspended by logging in.

If your account is suspended, you’ll need to confirm that you have changed the account behaviors that are in violation of the Twitter Rules, or that you have removed all prohibited automation from your account. For more information on best practices for using Twitter, read this article.

To appeal your account suspension:
File a help request here.

  • I tried to get in touch with them but can't find a phone number or email for tech support. Sorry I thought this was a general place to ask questions about social media accounts. I guess my post doesn't belong here. – beau229 Oct 5 '14 at 21:00

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