I just transitioned to the new Google Apps which let's you use additional services such as blogger with your Google Apps account.

I had a conflicting Google Account. Google said that when I attempt to login to a service which used that conflicting account, I would be presented with an interface that offers 3 choices: move my old data to a gmail account, move my data to a 3rd party account, or use a temporary gmail account.

When I attempted to login to my Blogger, it didn't present any of those options. It just let me create a brand new account as if I didn't have a Blogger at all. It's as if all my data is gone. I can no longer login using my old account.

How can I access my old blogger settings so that I can transfer it to my new account?

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Alright, so the email tells you to log off and then log in to your Google Apps account. When you do this, you are currently logged in as your Google Apps account which shows up even when you go to Google pages such as http://google.com/accounts.

In order to be presented with this interface, you need to log out of your Google Apps account by pressing log off, then go to a page that let's you login to a Google account such as http://google.com/accounts. Next, login using your old credentials, which will log you in to your old Google Account, and present to you the transfer options.

When I tried using their interface, it took me to a page that says "The page you requested is invalid.", and had the "sign in" link on the top right. Pressing that showed a temporary address with the "%" in it. Attempting to login didn't work. I had to clear my cache and then login again.


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