I am trying to create a spreadsheet which enters address automatically on adjacent cell when I type in the company name.

The script will be as I type in company name in cell A1, it will search for matching name in another spreadsheet which I saved the company name and address, then copy the corresponding address back into the adjacent cell A2.

I need this to keep track the job logbook.


You can use a vlookup function

=VLOOKUP(E138,Status!A:K,6,false) E138=the Control or reference number (i.e. name) that will be the same in this sheet and the sheet with your data Status!A:K=the tab that has your data and the columns that the data is in. the first column should be the one that has the reference numbers (i.e. name) 6=the column that has the data you need (i.e. address)

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