I know that Twitter already allow mobile notifications for new tweets from a specific user, but how can I go further and only get SMS (or email) notifications for new tweets from a specific that also match certain words? I know IFTTT doesn't do this, but are there any other ways I can use to do this?


IFTTT just announced new triggers for the Twitter channel, including "New tweet by a specific user" and "New tweet from search". The latter seems like it would do what you want.

The ingredients for the trigger are:

  • Text
  • FirstLinkUrl
  • UserName
  • UserImageUrl
  • LinkToTweet
  • TweetEmbedCode
  • CreatedAt

Using Twitter Advanced Search Operators you can get what you need.

As an example, here's a recipe that sends email when Wil Wheaton uses the hashtag "#butts".

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