I'm trying to use the COUNTIF function in Google Sheets.

The Goal

I want the 'dashboard' sheet to display the count of items in column F submitted to the responses sheet 'if' a specific string exists in column D.

Basically, I'm trying to count items in one column 'if' a control item exists in another column.

I'm using this formula

=COUNTIF(responses!D:D, "=A6", responses!F:F)

What I've done

In the example, I'm trying to check column D in the responses sheet for a string in cell A6 of the dashboard sheet. If the string exists in the column D of the responses sheet, then I want a count of the items in column F. I expect 0 to be returned for the NJROTC item.


Can someone please review my formula and let me know what I'm doing wrong OR if there is a better solution than the COUNTIF function?

Video Explaining the Problem


enter image description here enter image description here


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I used this to solve my problem.

=IF(ISTEXT(VLOOKUP($A6,responses!$D:$M,3, FALSE)),"Yes","No")

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