How does arXiv determine that a PDF has been produced by TeX?


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Most probably arXiv reads the source code of the PDF. E.g. from a paper I have opened with Notepad++

<</Creator( TeX output 2011.03.09:1851)/Producer(MiKTeX-dvipdfmx \(20100328\))/CreationDate(D:20110309185222+01'00')>>

note:maybe you want to try to ask this in academia.stackexchange

  • Thanks, I tried emptying this tag but apparently Arxiv uses some detection algorithm a bit more advanced than simply reading the Creator tag. – Franck Dernoncourt Nov 21 '14 at 2:16

This blog post has a solution:

For those looking for the quick fix, go to terminal and execute:

sed -e '/PTEX\./s/./ /g' < submitted.pdf > arXiv.pdf

If on OS X, run these first:

export LC_CTYPE=C

export LANG=C

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