Is there a keyboard shortcut or keyboard combination to (un)star all messages of a conversations thread in conversations view (i.e. not from the inbox view)?

star/unstar all messages using a keyboard shortcut

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I'm afraid there isn't.

The closest that you can get with straight-up Gmail is to

  1. Hit S to "star" the current message
  2. Hit N (or P) to move the focus to the Next (or Previous) message in the conversation
  3. Go to step #1; repeat until you run out of messages

Not ideal for more than half-a-dozen or so messages, since when fully collapsed ("show X more messages") the focus seems to pick one in that bunch at random rather than expanding the bunch so you can see all of the stars. It's also a bummer if you use multiple stars, since you need to hit S repeatedly to cycle through them.

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    Thank you. I will address this as a Gmail feature request to the devs.
    – orschiro
    Oct 23, 2014 at 5:34

An easy way to un-star a bunch of conversations (assumes keyboard shortcuts is enabled) - in the Threadlist Selection screen:

  1. Use the search bar to select the conversations you want to un-star. For example, to un-star conversations with the label foo, search for:

    label:foo   is:starred
  2. use the j and k keys to move down and up the list

  3. use the s key to un-star (or re-star) each conversation

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