Whenever I get an email from [email protected] (specific filter) I want to automatically send an email message to other email address. Not to forward the mail but to send a notification like "you have a new message with the filter "xxx" in the mail box [email protected]).

I tried to add filter and used canned response but it is only for "response".

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I ran into the same issue here 5 years later. Neither Gmail or IFTTT solved the problem for me.

I signed up on https://zapier.com/ using my Google account. Using this, I was able to make a "zap" that's triggered when a specific email comes in and responds to the trigger by sending an email of my choosing. It was fairly straight forward to set up and surprisingly testable.

EDIT: I do not work for Zapier, I just solve problems and want to contribute here.

  • Wow, Zapier gives complete control over this with easy setup! Alternatively, I use Google Apps scripts when I need to get super customized. Commented Jul 9, 2021 at 13:10

I don't think you're going to be able to solve this purely with Gmail. You're going to need to use a third-party service.

One thing that comes to mind is If This Then That.

You could set up a recipe like this:

Trigger (from the Gmail channel): "New email in inbox from" [email protected]

(Alternatively, you can use the "New email in inbox labeled" or "New email in inbox from search" triggers.)

Action (from the Gmail channel): "Send an email" to [email protected]: "There is a new message from '[email protected]'"

If you want the email to come from IFTTT rather than your own Gmail address, you can use the Email channel.

Other options are: You don't need to use email at all for the action. You could use SMS, or Android notifications, or any number of other options. (For instance, I have a recipe that sends me an Android alert whenever I get an email messages from my wife.)

I don't work for IFTTT. I'm just an enthusiastic user.

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    – Pacerier
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  • Oh, phooey. They removed the deeplinks to actions and triggers. That's a bummer.
    – ale
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