I am new to draw.io and am trying to use it to sketch a BPMN diagram. As of now, the only thing I can't find in the menus are Annotations and Group artifacts.

annotations and groups

Is there any way to draw these in draw.io?

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These days draw.io has a "BPMN" template, and "BPMN General/Gateways/Events" Shape catalogues. The Annotation and Group are in "BPMN General". Groups work fine but...

The design of the Annotation shape has a flaw: the text isn't contained inside the annotation bracket. It looks like this:

What Text Annotation Looks Like After typing in it

Left or right justifying the text doesn't really help. I'm now looking into how to edit the style to fix this.

Please chime in if you have a better workaround to make the above look like this automatically:

How a text annotation should look

(I did this by dragging a text field over the text annotation object.)

  • Just checked and they have fixed the annotation issue.
    – JuanKB1024
    Jul 13, 2021 at 21:13

You can find

enter image description here in Flowchart Menu


enter image description here in Texts and images Menu

If still you unable to find these options, You can draw your specific image in paint and you can import the file to your draw.io with the library name

File -> New Library

Once you added your library you can able to use this image in your BPMN diagram.

Hope this helps

  • I was able do the annotation but was not able to do the group. I also tried adding it as an image but it did not scale well. Is the group artefact hidden or reused in another category?
    – JuanKB1024
    Oct 28, 2014 at 20:42

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