I would like to send notifications to a specific set of users when a new version of our software is released.

People who 'watch' the repository get notifications for releases from GitHub, but I would like to send a notification to a custom list that includes people who don't use GitHub. Although the notifications API is well documented, it is unclear what my options are, or if such a feature has been developed by a third-party.

Is it possible to configure GitHub to trigger an email when a new release is published?

note: I found this question addressed on Stackoverflow, where it had been closed as off topic and remains unanswered.

  • You want a notification, but you already get notifications that get lost among all the other notifications? I'm lost.
    – Wutnaut
    Oct 15, 2014 at 21:43
  • @Wutnaut I want to be able to send notifications via email to specific users, independent of whether they 'watch' the repository, and with the capacity to customize the subject line and contents.
    – Abe
    Oct 15, 2014 at 22:37

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There is some basic Github/Twitter integration in standard Github Services.

Go to repository settings. Select Webhooks/Services from menu on left. There using Add Service drop-list button you can add Twitter service.

Configuration is minimal, and twit is created for almost every commit, but it might be just enoug.

And there is similar thing for Emails.


You could add your own Webhook.

In few words, you can make github to send some data to external system (could be your custom server).


Zapier provides integration between many services, including github-twitter and github-email and many more.

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