How can I delete an answer to a question on Facebook?

Note that I don't want to hide it but to delete it.

WhoAmI answered Someone's question.

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  • [ x ] Answer 1 [ ME ] [O] [T] [H] [E] [R] [S]
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It's interesting how they introduced the Unvote option (it was NOT existing when I posted the question).

Go to https://www.facebook.com/<yourusername>/allactivity?privacy_source=activity_log&log_filter=cluster_105 (replace <yourusername> with your username) and click the buttons like in the following screenshot:

The Unvote option will remove the answer to a Facebook question.

Then the page where you answered the question (https://www.facebook.com/<yourusername>/posts/<postid>) will appear like this:

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