I keep some cash stowed away in my mattress for rainy days and/or emergencies and would like to track it with Mint just as I do my checking or savings account. I realize this account could not be linked to anything that would automatically import my transactions, but that's OK - there won't be many transactions so manually inputting them will work fine.

When I try to add a cash account in Mint, it seems to insist on linking it somewhere. Am I missing something?

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This answer was posted in response to the same question on the Mint.com community forums:

jamesyelverton24 1 day ago Unfortunately, Mint does not include a method to effectively handle cash transactions from cash holdings ... for regular expenses or for emergency use.

Cash you are holding can certainly be added as an asset but your can't enter transactions. The Mint way is to withdraw ATM cash and then mark cash expenses to be debited from the ATM withdrawal. From discussions in Community, this apparently does not work properly.


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