I have a friend on Facebook. I can see his wall and his profile, and comments on items in his profile. But I cannot comment on those items. Our mutual friends can, though. Is there a privacy setting that makes it impossible for some friends to post on your items but not others? How do you configure this?

(It's been like this for at least a month, so it's not due to today's Facebook meltdown.)

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Yes, it's possible per person without lists. Here's how he did it, if you want to do it back.

Account (drop down menu at top right) - Privacy - Customize Settings - scroll down - Pick what you want, e.g. "Can see Wall posts by friends" - Customize - type the first few letters of the name in the not bit, select it and Ok. You can check this by viewing as that person, there won't be a box where the normal post to wall box is.



List based privacy setting in Facebook


What are the recommended privacy settings for Facebook?

These should point you in the right direction to make any combination of settings with Lists.

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