I have a spreadsheet for a festival. Unique identifier is ticket number. I want to query the column with tent number, to automatically generate two columns. First column has tent number. Second column has total number of occurrences of that tent number.

sample data. Column K and L are auto generated

I want Column K and L to autogenerate tent number and number of occupants based on column J. How can I do this?


Select ColumnJ. Data > Pivot table report..., Rows - Add field Tent#, Values - Add field Tent#. Click on down arrow next to "Summarise by: SUM" and select COUNT. Select the PT, Ctrl+c, got to K2(?) in your data sheet and Ctrl+v.

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    A.Maz.ING. Again. You've just saved hours and hours of work. We're now totally sorted for tents. The process can be handled entirely by me now. You've saved us alot of time, money and effort. Thanks so much – Malius Nov 20 '14 at 8:24

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