I have the following random data in sheet one

A  orange
D  yellow
C  yellow
B  orange
B  orange
C  blue
A  yellow
D  blue
C  orange
C  blue

In sheet two I use the following query function:

A1=UNIQUE(QUERY(Sheet1!A1:B10,"select A, B order by A asc"))

Which returns the following:

A   orange 1
A   yellow 1
B   orange 2
C   yellow 1
C   blue   2
C   orange 1
D   yellow 1
D   blue   1

Instead of using sum product in each row, I want arrayformula to expand automatically.

When I use E1=ArrayFormula(sumproduct(A1:A10=C1:C,B1:B10=D1:D)) I get

Error: Array arguments to EQ are of different size.

Please help me out.


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An array solution could be:


although it might be better to generate the unique counts in the QUERY itself:

=QUERY(Sheet1!A1:C10,"select A, B, count(C) where A != '' group by A, B order by A asc label count(C) ''",0)

This relies on there being a column C present in Sheet1 (it doesn't matter what is actually in column C). However, if wasn't viable having a column C, then it could be worked around.

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