I use Cognito Forms to allow my customers to sign up and pay online for Yoga sessions. I run an early bird special rate available until a specific date and then sessions are full price from that date until the start date. Instead of making a note in my calendar to manually go in to change the pricing info, is there a way to set it so the price will automatically change?


I am one of the developers for Cognito Forms and will be glad to explain how to include Early-Bird rates on your forms.

In the Price field where you enter the amount, you can also enter calculations by starting with an "=". The online help provides details on different types of calculations, but here is the specific calculation that should work for your needs:

=DateTime.Today < "11/22/2014" ? 65 : 75

enter image description here

To explain, the "=" at the beginning lets Cognito know you are entering a calculation, not just a number. DateTime.Today will always return the current day. Comparing this to dates, in the format of "mm/dd/yyyy" in quotes will allow you to see if the day is before your cutoff date. Then the somewhat cryptic ? and : allow you to specify what the price should be if the date is before or after the cutoff date.

I hope this helps!

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