I have the following data in a Google Spreadsheet:

| Duration | Rate |  Value |
| 16:15:00 | 55   | 893.75 |

I would like to use a formula to calculate the value cell. I have tried the following but I think HOUR only works for TIME values not DURATION format.

=((HOUR(B1) + MINUTE(B1)/60 + SECOND(B1)/3600)*B2)

What is the best way to automatically calculate the Value cell?


If your Duration is a string then something like:




with the result formatted as Number.

  • times 24 was messssing me up. =HOUR(duration) doesnt do shiz. and formatting automatically turns out some wierd stuff. formatting as number or currency works it out. but dang i would have never figured out that *24 – austin Feb 4 '20 at 9:26

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