I made a reminder in calendar about my work. In notification I have checked the notification by email and notification by pop-up (for the same time). Later (after the notification time), when I signed in to my account, I found an email from “Google calendar” but there was no pop-up.

Kindly suggest me some way by which I can get the pop-ups later when I sign in to my account even after the notification time.

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You can’t. You have to have your Calendar/Gmail browser tab/window open to receive the pop-up notifications.

To get notifications on your computer, you need to have Google Calendar open in a web browser tab or window.

Source (under Change your default notification settingsComputer).

  • Strange. The note about needing to have Google Calendar open in a web browser to receive notifications was removed sometime after November 17, 2017 (archived). But, in my my testing, the need still exists. Sep 25, 2019 at 19:43

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