I want to create a new recipe on IFTTT:

  • if I post a question on Stack Overflow, then save it to Dropbox.

How can I do this?


I'm not entirely sure this is possible.

You can easily get an RSS feed of all your activity: https://stackoverflow.com/feeds/user/4287698

(There's a link to "User Feed" in the lower right corner on your profile page.)

There's not, unfortunately, such a link for just your questions. Nor can you get an RSS feed for the advanced search user:4287698 is:question.

(If you look on Meta Stack Exchange, there are a number of requests for more RSS feed options.)

So you could easily use the Feed channel to grab your feed and use the Dropbox channel to save each entry. To filter it to be just questions would require some other manipulation.

The Feed channel lets you filter by a simple phrase, but I'm having trouble finding something that would distinguish a question from other entry types. It looks like there's some tags for questions (<category scheme="https://stackoverflow.com/tags" term="..." />) but I'd expect that the XML wouldn't be searched. Maybe https://stackoverflow.com/q/ would work, because I see that on questions and not answers. (I could be mis-reading the XML though.)

  • I also checked that, and noticed that <id>https://stackoverflow.com/q/ will match for questions, and <id>https://stackoverflow.com/questions/ will match for answers and comments. I just checked it on my StackOverflow user RSS, and it seems reliable (at least, I'm sure about the questions filter, and pretty sure about the answers+comments) Jul 4 '18 at 8:35

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