Recently I posted a question Business won't show up on Google Maps. It turned that I had to wait a bit longer for Google to put my business on its maps.

Now I have a new problem - the name of the business is wrong.

The business contains the word "square" in its name, but the name near the pin on Google Maps shows "squre" (notice the letter "a" is missing), but when I click on my business, the information in the top left box are correct.

Is there a way for me to manually fix this, or do I have to write a report to Google?


Assuming you're using the "new" Google Maps, here's how you can report and correct an entry.

  1. Find the business on the map. Click its name/icon to drop a marker


  1. Click the help button in the lower right (a question mark inside a speech bubble

Google Maps help menu

  1. Choose "report a data problem"

"Report a problem" menu

  1. Click the name and make your correction

making corrections

If it's the icon on the map rather than the information in the pop-up, click on "Report something else" and proceed from there.

(If you've already "claimed" your business on the map, the process for reporting corrections is probably different.)

  • I did what you said and the name corrected within 12 hours. That was fast :) Thanks for the help :)
    – Vucko
    Dec 14 '14 at 10:35
  • @Vucko: Well, I would hope that the people reviewing these can recognize a misspelling pretty quick.
    – ale
    Dec 14 '14 at 15:08

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