I have subscribe to the Amazon Music service and have uploaded large portions of my library. But some of the albums do not show up properly.

For example I have a copy of the O Brother, Where Art Thou? sound track, that I originally purchased as a CD, ripped in iTunes and uploaded using the documented procedure. When I search for the album though in the iOS, or PC Amazon music app the sound it appears as if I have lots of 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' albums with single songs.

I assume that amazon uses some attributes of the songs to create the groupings, what attributes do I need to fix to make the album show up properly? The same album shows up as an album properly within iTunes.

broken album

  • This happened to me in iTunes and I fixed it by clicking the “part of a compilation” option.
    – Alex
    Dec 22, 2014 at 22:30
  • 1
    Which I had already done in iTunes for this album before uploading to Amazon.
    – Zoredache
    Dec 22, 2014 at 22:41


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