I want to pass a multidimensional array to a custom function. I do it like this:

=customFunction({{"a1v1"; "a1v2"};{"a2v1"; "a2v2"; "a2v3"};{"a3v1"}})

However, I don't get the expected behavior because it behaves like a 1-dimension array.


You're not adding an array or string but an object. Objects are not processed as such and simply returned. Coincidentally, you discovered that a semi-colon creates a column presentation and a backslash a row presentation.

If you really want to add an array notation as a parameter, then you need to do the following.


=customFunction("[['a1v1', 'a1v2'],['a2v1', 'a2v2', 'a2v3'],['a3v1']]")


function customFunction(multiArray) {
  return  eval(multiArray);  


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Prepare the string with single and double quotes, in order to use text within the array. This string is then evaluated, via the eval() method, as it if were JavaScript.


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