When I enter the person's name in the To field, the auto-complete comes up, and lists the several email addresses that I have for this person. The first email address that it lists, is not the one that I want to email.

In the contact entry for this user, I have the email address I want to use as the top one. I believe this used to work in gmail, but doesn't anymore.

Is there a way to set the default email address for a person?

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The email address in the first position of the contact's settings is used to decide which of your contact's pictures to display. He/she must have set it for public display in gmail's settings for this to work.

The email address that is shown on top for auto-complete is the most contacted address, as far as I know.


I had a contact with two email addresses:

And in my prediction list, it would choose [email protected]. I was able to change the default by removing the second email address and re-adding it.

I suggest you try editing the contact on your mobile phone - long press on the email address you wish to be your default and you have the option of setting it as the default email address for your contact :-)


I GOT IT!! Copy the secondary email - hold it somewhere. Delete the PRIMARY or default one. SAVE it. You have to save it. Then edit again, and paste the secondary one in as a new email. It keeps the older one as primary. Save and quit.


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