Long ago, I created a survey that I sent out by email. The responses were recorded in a Google Spreadsheet by filling out a Google Form.

I would like to use that data again, but I cannot find the original spreadsheet. I simply misplaced it. But I do have the original email with a link to the survey that I sent to the candidates.

If I am the owner of the original spreadsheet, is there a way for me to work my way back from the response form to the original spreadsheet?

  • @pnuts No, all I have is the email that contains a link to the survey that the original respondents took. Commented Jan 9, 2015 at 17:45
  • @pnuts Interesting; can you filter the files listing to see only forms? I would still like an answer to the question (how to I find my way from the survey back to the original form/spreadsheet), but barring that, filtering the file listings would make it easier to find. Commented Jan 9, 2015 at 17:52

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The link you still have, contains the ID of the form you created. Building the following URL will bring you to the original form in edit modus.


If you select from the menu Responses(?) > View responses, then it will lead you to the corresponding Google Spreadsheet. Tried it on my account and it worked.

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