I would like to know how many email were sent from my account during certain period. How can I know that?

The reason why I have to figure out it is that I need to prove the # of email I sent during that period.

The accused claims that I deleted emails which is important for the case. I have to prove I didn't delete any email during that period.

I requested the data analysis to Gmail, Google but they didn't answer anything right now. Please let me know any possible method that I can prove.

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You can use the after: and before: operators to search for messages within a date range. Combine with from: to specify that you want only messages you have sent.
Also, throw in a in:anywhere if you want to include messages in the Spam and Trash folders.

So something like:

after:2004/04/16 before:2005/06/01 in:anywhere from:[email protected]

However, this will not let you prove that you have not deleted any messages during that period, only that you have actually sent something.

See the documentation for Gmail search operators.

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