I made a copy of the spreadsheet that I'm working on here.

The query that I have on on the sheets "DSM", "DiveTank", "WarmUp", "Teach" all have pretty much the same query. That worked before but now doesn't.

=QUERY(WaterTests!A:AO,"SELECT D,E,J,H,I,G,K,L,M,N,A,B,C WHERE G is not null OR H is not null OR I is not null OR J is not null OR K is not null OR L is not null OR M is not null OR N is not null ORDER BY D,E ASC")

This query only grabs the header row and stops. I have 103 rows of data that are not null. It should work.

The only thing I changed was clearing out the original data that was entered in via the form. So that I could put in two weeks' worth of dummy data. Which is in the "WaterTest" sheet.

I'm hitting a wall on this.

  • I did already. Im just starting fresh on a new sheet. It seems to be working perfectly on it. Just hate not knowing why. – CamSyl Jan 17 '15 at 3:45
  • Sorry when I said I did already. I just highlighted and pressed delete to delete any values. However when I deleted the rows like you mentioned it now works. weird! Thanks! – CamSyl Jan 17 '15 at 5:06

pnuts gave the answer that I needed in his comment to my question. I dont know how to select it as an answer so. I'll just quote him.

Try deleting the 'spare' rows at the bottom of WaterTests. – pnuts

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