I am trying to make life easier for myself by organising my teaching materials for private tutees of mine from various subjects/educational levels in google spreadsheets.

I want to know how I can take a string literal such as "Paper " and concatenate it to the string of characters as they appear in another cell using a formula.

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It looks like you want the & operator

I'm not quite clear which thing you are concatenating to which in the question; however, you can do either

=$BJ$2 & "24"


=$BJ$2 & BH1


="Paper" & BH1

assuming you are on row 2 and the number is on row 1 (the $ locks the cell so that it doesn't change when copying/pasting).

Here's an example with a test spreadsheet: example

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It seems like there's an alternative option.

For a similar case, I used Array Formula and SUBSTITUTE hack. It makes formulas readable and helps with more complex joins. I found this option in this article. It worked smoothly.

I hope it'll help you too

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