I am new to eBay. I added some items to my watch list. I would like to know whether I can receive mail notification when something changed with those items.

I couldn't find that option, so does that come by default?

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From the eBay help pages:

What does it mean to “watch” an item?

When you’re “watching” an item, the listing appears in your Watching list in My eBay. You can view the item every time you visit My eBay, without having to search for it again.

By watching an item, you can: View the current high bid for the item Place a bid or take another action on the item View the seller’s other items Get notified by email when the status of the listing changes or if the item gets relisted

If you haven't amended any account settings that you will real-time alerts for items being watched. To check your preferences you need to:

Log in to eBay > Account Settings > Communication Preferences.

In the Buyer section expand the Buying activity section. You will then be able to change the frequency of the emails.

eBay Comm prefs

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