Is there a way to exclude certain sites and subdomains from Google Alerts?

At the moment there are a couple of sites and a couple of subdoamins of other sites that are throwing up false positives (dev sites, our own blog running on subdomain.mydomain.com etc).


Google web search allows you to use -site:subdomain.mydomain.com to exclude anything from subdomain.mydomain.com from the search results. [source]

So try creating a Google Alert with -site:subdomain.mydomain.com (add multiple instances of that for each site you want to exclude). According to a discussion on the Google product forums, that worked a few years ago.

You can also see from that discussion that a feature to allow using site:subdomain.mydomain.com (without the leading minus sign) to only send alerts from a specific web site has sometimes worked and sometimes been removed by Google. So there's a possibility that -site:subdomain.mydomain.com no longer works in Google Alerts.

  • works currently, even multiple sites
    – mark
    Jun 25 '18 at 15:27
  • still works now in 2021, thanks! :-) Jan 5 at 15:26

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