I know no computer science so struggled to understand How can I search for a keyword with special characters in Google Search?, but am I right that the most popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, ...) ignore all punctuation except these ?

If so, then what can I do if I must include standard punctuation like comma, period, ...? For example, if I want to search for clauses that end with "any such" (so that "any such" must be followed by a punctuation to mark the end of a phrase), then any such, or any such. will fail.


Strictly speaking I think not fail, though perhaps as good as fail. any such should find any such, and any such. but there may not be enough examples of that structure for one to feature near the beginning of the results for such a general search term. Delve down a bit and "any such" and any such-like do turn up. I think what you are looking for is getting swamped by results for more normal structures (in effect any such noun) and to refine the search results to something manageable you might need to provide the search engine with some context.

I grabbed a bit from Shakespeare no more. and searched for no more - swamped. Changed term to "Well, well, no more." and got what I was looking for as the first hit.


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