I am in a team of people organising an event. There are concurrent workshops and applicants have to select online which one they'd like to attend..

So in the picture, for the first session, each person only attends one of the strands and not both.

Is there a way of preventing oversubscription, such that if in the Google Form 50 people select Strand B (which is the max we can have for each strand) and submit the form, the option for Strand B disappears in the Form so that it can no longer be selected?

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Yes there is a way to prevent subscription, actually there are several ways. Once the limit is reached the option should be removed

  • manually
  • by using a method that includes the use of script described by Martin Hawksey (see the reference).
  • by using an addon like Choice eliminator (mentioned in the reference).



Just look for the add-on: form limiter

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