I am pretty new to Pinterest so I have not really an idea where to look for info besides the Pinterest help page it self, which did not help me at all.

I have registered a username on Pinterest, let's say MyFirstPinterest. But after a while I want to change it to MySecondPinterest and I don't want anything to do with the previous name anymore.

But for some reason when I type in MyFirstPinteres I get redirected to MySecondPinterest. I don't understand how that is possible because the first username doesn't exist anymore.
How is it possible to end up with the new username? I don't want to be associated with the old username anymore.


You can change as many times as you want. Pinterest keeps them all and links to the same profile. I contacted them twice. They don't seem to be interested. This is bad for privacy so exporting and importing your pins to a new account could be a solution.

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