How can I transfer ownership of a Google My Business page without knowing what account they are linked to? We have acquired companies and have no access to the Google accounts.


From https://support.google.com/business/answer/4661508?hl=en

Resolve owner conflicts

Each location on Google can have only one verified owner. If you see the status "Different owner" in your account, this means another owner has verified this location on Google.

When you add a location that matches a live location with a different owner, it is treated as a duplicate and will be ignored when importing your spreadsheet.

You have several options to address this issue:

  1. Check within your organization to see who you may need to coordinate with, including agencies your company may have hired to manage on behalf of the business. Learn more about how to share ownership of a set of locations.
  2. Request management if you’d like to request a transfer of ownership from the current owner or to be added as a manager. Learn more.
  3. Remove the location from your account if you’d like the current owner to continue to manage the location. Learn more.
  4. Leave the location in this state if you only use it to run AdWords location extensions. Learn more.

If you claimed the location with a different account and have forgotten that account's username or password, visit the Accounts troubleshooter to get help.

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