For Example: Someone submits a form to me, would be nice to see which Registered user did the submission. Currently the situation that bugs me is as follows: My Users already logged in to my site, where the email address and his name was already part of the registration process. Now I want him to submit his request via a Cognito Form, it is kind of irritating for the user to go and fill in his info again whilst the site already knows it.

If I'm thinking like a user, I will automatically feel "But don't you have my information already"?

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I am a developer for Cognito Forms.

If you are embedding the form into your site, please reference this Stack Exchange Question for pre-filling data on a Cognito Form. It outlines how to update the embed code to handle pre-filling form data.

Currently the embed strategy is the only method that supports pre-filling form data. There is a card on our Public Idea Board for supporting query string parameters being passed via the public link, but the feature is not currently supported.

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