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Is there a way to sort Google Drive (either iOS or web version) by date that a file was added?

It drives me crazy that if I use Gmail to save an attachment to Drive, I can't locate that file immediately unless I know the name of the file (and then have to search it). Because 99% of time when I add a file to drive I want to access it immediately, and the easiest way to do that would be if I could sort drive by "date added".

Right now I only see a way to sort by "title" and "last modified" (same as recent). But most of the time when you add a file, it wasn't necessarily modified recently, so sorting by recent does not help at all.

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Your options for sorting are:

  • Last edited by me
    Ordered by when you last made changes to your files

  • Last modified
    Ordered by when any user made changes to your files

  • Last opened by me
    Ordered by when you last opened your files

  • Name
    Ordered by title of your files in alphabetical order

Google Drive sort options

It seems to me that "Last opened by me" is what you're probably after. There isn't an explicit "added to Google Drive" value

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