My company uses Asana for task management and Harvest for time tracking. We have time tracking set up on all our tasks from within Asana. Normally by clicking the timer on a task I can see how much time I've spent on a particular task.

Yesterday this suddenly stopped and I am no longer able to see how much time I've spent on a task most of the time (occasionally it will work, but very rarely)

Has anyone else had this issue before and solved it? I'm hoping that it's not a feature that has been removed because I use it constantly to make sure I stay within time budget for specific tasks (it's much easier to track total time on a task than through harvest).

To be clear, this is what I'm seeing: What I See

...and this is what I expect to see: What I expect to see (screen via https://blog.asana.com/2013/08/harvesttimetracking/)

Edit I just noticed that Asana will show the total time of a task I am currently tracking (as in timer actively running) rather than allow me to see current time tracked for any item (which it used to).

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    Good call. Added. Seems I'm too used to trying to keep email file size down that I automatically fall back to cloud app for screen sharing ;) – Ian Feb 26 '15 at 16:47

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