I've been through all of the controls, but I don't see anything that would allow creating a new page. I have a group of related drawings that I'd like to put in a single package.

My current Plan B is to create a presentation in Google Slides, but the drawing tools are pretty weak there.


Google drawings are "single page", like a canvas.

You can insert drawings in documents, sheets, slides, Google Sites pages and web pages.

Paint and create charts and diagrams with Google Drawings - Docs editors Help

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No, but there is a decent workaround - create a new spreadsheet instead of a new drawing.

You can then add multiple sheets & insert a new drawing on each sheet. You won't have to leave the spreadsheet to create and edit the drawings and will have all your drawings in one document

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This thread is kinda old but I hope this helps:

  1. Go to "View" > "Zoom" > "50%".
  2. Once your drawing has resized, drag the bottom right corner to make the canvas bigger.
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  • This is the smartest and most effective answer. – Tony Thompson Mar 27 at 18:44

Another workaround, similar to @Richard's solution, is to open a new Google Doc and create a separate page for each drawing. I prefer this to the Sheets solution because the Doc can link to existing drawings and are also not bound in canvas size like Drawings inserted into Sheets are.

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Use Google Jamboard instead as you can add frames - a bit like a horizontal PPT. When you save each Jamboard it has all the frames there - no need to save in another app.

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