I need to create a spreadsheet in Google Drive that will let me calculate mileage for my employees. I know the exact mileage to the locations they'd have to drive to. What I need to do is have a constant entered when they type in the location code. Ex... If in C1 they enter the code 2 then in D1 it will automatically input the mileage (1.8). I'll only have 2 mileage codes. How can I do this?


If you want to create a drop-down list of your locations, see the instructions on data validation at https://support.google.com/docs/answer/186103 . Presumably you'd use it with a formula to convert location names to numeric values.

If you want to create a custom function to do that conversion, see the quick-start tutorial at https://developers.google.com/apps-script/quickstart/macros . It gives an example JavaScript function that converts meters to miles, also a longer example that calls the Google Maps API to look up the driving distance between two addresses.


If in C1 they enter the code 2 then in D1 it will automatically input the mileage (1.8).

I have a different interpretation of the requirement, for which SWITCH would be very adequate (in D1):


With the above entry of 2 in C1 will return 1.8 in D1, and 6 return 5.6. Text, 0 or blank will return #N/A.

For a lot of mileage codes alternatives such as a lookup table may be more practical, but the above should suit where there are only a few codes.

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