I want to see all contributions I made to others on GitHub, but I do a ton of work in my own repositories so my contributions tab has my commits to my repo's overshadowing my contributions to others.

Would it be possible to basically see all my contributions exclude things like me starring other projects and contributions to my own repositories?


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At the moment, there is no way to do this on github.com. The closest feature may be searching for pull requests and issues:

If you go in the Pull request tab and search for author:@me -user:@me, you will have a list of contributions (only pull requests and issues opened) made to repositories you do not own.

  • In addition, if you only want include contributions on public repositories, you can add is:public to the search query.
    – Koen.
    Aug 13, 2019 at 22:51

Update: Looks like this only returns:

A list of repositories that the user recently contributed to.

I guess "recently" means 1 year.

Also, it only selects up to 100 repositories at a time.

You can use the following GraphQL query in the API Explorer:

query getContributions($login: String!, $contributionTypes: [RepositoryContributionType]) {
  user(login: $login) {
    repositoriesContributedTo(contributionTypes: $contributionTypes, first: 100, includeUserRepositories: false, orderBy: {field: STARGAZERS, direction: DESC}) {
      pageInfo {
      nodes {

Put this in query variables (replace login with your own user id) and then execute.

  "login": "zypA13510",
  "contributionTypes": [

The list of valid contributionTypes:

Created a commit

Created an issue

Created a pull request

Created the repository

Reviewed a pull request

  • Thanks for this. I was able to get the repo names by doing an HTTP POST to https://api.github.com/graphql with the following request body: {"query":"{user(login:\"your_github_username\") { repositoriesContributedTo(contributionTypes: [COMMIT, REPOSITORY], last: 100, includeUserRepositories: false) { pageInfo { startCursor hasPreviousPage } nodes { owner { login } name }}}}"}
    – Sal
    Dec 15, 2020 at 21:19

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