I created a form that has list of items to be selected. I also created a spreadsheet that has a couple of sheets that correspond to the elements in the form. I wanted users to select a category and fill data on the form for that category so that the data will be saved in the particular sheet associated to the category. Is it possible to edit a particular sheet on Google's Spreadsheet based on a selection Google Form?


Google Forms doesn't edit data in Google Sheets, instead they send responses. Responses sent to a Google spreadsheet could be updated but should be enabled the option "Allow users to edit responses".

By the other hand, Google Forms and Google Sheets don't have a built-in feature to send responses to specific sheets based one answer.

One alternative is to use and combine built-in Google Sheets features and functions like:

  • arrays
  • Functions like QUERY, FIlTER, etc.
  • Pivot Table reports

Another alternative is to use Google Apps Script.

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Have a look at this link


I suppose you should not edit the spreadsheet directly. Alternatively you need to edit the Form and the changes will be made to spreadsheets automatically.

  • This link is only for designing the form. What I wanted is selecting one of the sheets based on a choice on the form. Mar 11 '15 at 9:16

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