In Microsoft Word, it is possible to use very simple formula e.g. =SUM(ABOVE) to display the total of a column or =SUM(LEFT) etc. Is it possible to do something similar in Google Docs? Obviously this is possible in Google Spreadsheets, but I need to do it within a table in a document.


At this time Google Docs (documents) doesn't include a feature to do calculations.

An alternative is to use an add-on or a Google Apps Script to extend the built-in features of Google Docs.

Extend Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms with Apps Script - Docs editors Help


To illustrate the usage of Apps Script for such purpose, I wrote a function that sums selected values in a document: either in a table, or in a paragraph, or in several paragraphs, etc.

It is invoked by menu command "Sum selected", found under "Custom"; this menu item is created when the document is opened. The text of election is split by whitespace, and then each piece is interpreted as a number (if possible). Such numbers are added and the result is displayed to the user by an alert dialog. (I considered inserting it into the document, but there isn't a natural place for it: when a user is selecting text, their cursor position is lost.)

This is a one-time calculation; if the values are changed, one would need to perform it again.

function onOpen() {
  DocumentApp.getUi().createMenu('Custom').addItem('Sum selected', 'sum').addToUi();  

function sum() {  
  var selection = DocumentApp.getActiveDocument().getSelection();
  if (selection) {
    var elements = selection.getRangeElements();
    var s = 0;
    for (var i = 0; i < elements.length; i++) {
      var element = elements[i];
      var text = element.getElement().editAsText();
      if (text) {
        var str = text.getText();
        if (element.isPartial()) {
          str = str.slice(element.getStartOffset(), element.getEndOffsetInclusive() + 1);
        var pieces = str.split(/\s+/);
        for (var j = 0; j < pieces.length; j++) {
          s += (parseFloat(pieces[j], 10) ? parseFloat(pieces[j], 10) : 0);

Using the add-on Reversible Formulas - Sketch-n-Script, you can add formulas to display a table and also to perform arbitrary JavaScript computation on it.

Write in your document:

expenses = ([10, 20, 30])
incomes = ([30, 20, “”])

=table([["Expenses", "Income"]].concat(rotate([expenses, incomes])))


=table([["Expenses", "Income"]].concat([[sum(expenses),sum(incomes)]]))

Click on "Display values". You should obtain the following - I added bold to 'Totals':


Url of the add-on: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/formulas-for-google-docs/kgjbgmonlnhglokmfnpnklegakfknbeh

Disclaimer: I am the author of this add-on. Disclaimer: As of now, it's not yet possible to modify the rendered tables visually. I'm working on it.

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