In my exercise tracking spreadsheet, I want blank cells in columns B:O highlighted if column A is today's date, and the cell itself is blank. I have tried this:

=AND(ISBLANK(B3),$A:A=INT(NOW())) applied to range B3:O1000, but it doesn't highlight anything. Here's a sample sheet For the second term of the AND(), I've tried A:A=INT(NOW()),$A3=INT(NOW()), INT(NOW()), $A:$A=INT(NOW()) and A3=INT(NOW()), all with the same result: formatting not applied.

In column A, the formula =A:A=int(now()) does apply the intended format. If to the larger range, I just apply =ISBLANK(B3) without checking the date, all the blank cells are formatted. If I put the AND formula into a cell with references to today's date in column A and any blank cell, it returns TRUE. Confused!


JPV's answer solved the problem perfectly - yesterday. Today, with the new conditional formatting custom formula unchanged, it's back.

Blank cells in today's row aren't formatted in Safari (7.1.3 (9537.85.12.18), Chrome (Version 41.0.2272.89) or Firefox 36.0.1. I'm using a MacBook Air 13", OS X 10.9.5 4GB RAM, 1.4 GHz Intel Core i5.

I'm tempted to think Google has a server-side problem, because some of my earlier unsuccessful efforts did show the intended formatting on my iOS 7 iPhone - sometimes.

Can anyone explain or duplicate this problem?


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With the range set to: B3:O1000



or even shorter:

  • Works like a charm! Thanks a million. Don't know why I didn't try $A3. Mar 15, 2015 at 18:01

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