When I want to create an event, I usually want to do it with a secondary calendar, so I have to click on the combo-box to change the calendar as follows:


How could I set another calendar as the default one?

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As far as I know, there is no way to set a secondary calendar as the default selection in Google Calendar.

Here are two workarounds which could perhaps make your life easier.

Workaround 1: Using keyboard shortcuts

In your screenshot, you have selected the area from 00:00 to 02:30 with your mouse. Now, the cursor is in the "What"-field.

  1. Type the event name
  2. Tab to select the calendar drop-down menu
  3. c to select the calendar called "carlos helder" (first letter of the calendar)
  4. Tab to select the "Create event"-button
  5. Enter to save the event

Not the optimal solution, but at least Tab, c, Tab, Enter is most of the time faster than using the mouse.

Workaround 2: Using a client calendar application

Perhaps you can connect your Google Calendar account to some client calendar application which provides the option to select a secondary calendar as the default calendar for events.

For iOS there is a paid app called Week Calendar which is pretty awesome and allows to select a default calendar or allows you to create template events.

enter image description here


For OS X the default Calendar application provides the option to select a default calendar.

enter image description here


Of course, this is no solution if you prefer to use the Google Calendar web interface.

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