I'd like the date / time that is in the past to turn red.

The table has dates and time in different formats.

Can I use one rule to do everything?

If not is it possible to do so?

I've tried =today() to turn text red but it doesn't respond.

Update: OK it works for the cells that only have dates. Can I do this for the other cells that have a mix of date, text, time?


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    Your shift key appears to be broken. – ale Mar 18 '15 at 23:52

Take a look at this. I've used the Custom Formula =AND(ISDATE(B2),B2>=NOW()) to conditionally format the range B2:F12. ISDATE() avoids formatting cells with contents like "This isn't relevant", which Google Sheets considers to be >= NOW() — Boolean operations in Google Sheets do no type checking. I deliberately haven't formatted the selected cells red, since that was in a lot of cells that weren't getting conditional formatting in your example. Hope this is helpful!

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