I'd like to make filter like: to:*spam*@domain.com. It was possible couple years ago. But now there is another story:

Gmail doesn't recognize special search characters like [ ], ( ), &, #, *, and currency symbols.

I've unique address for each service that I use (microsoft_spam@, spam_google@, all_spam_dropbox@, etc). And I want store all mail from set of services in one folder (filter).

Is there any way to do it, without creating separated filter for each service?


I'm afraid wildcards don't work. You need to use the OR operator.

So, something like:

spam@dropbox.com OR spam@google.com OR spam@microsoft.com

In the "To:" field in the advanced search.

Your filter will end up looking like:

to:(spam@dropbox.com OR spam@google.com OR spam@microsoft.com)

You might be able to do this: Just use the keyword you want in the "To:" field, not an entire email address.

to:(spam OR phishing)

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